Fap Turbo Reviews – It’s Not For Everyone

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In these Fap Turbo reviews we’re going to take an unbiased look at this automated system. With the rise of online trading, the state of the economy and the desire to supplement our incomes in these uncertain times, more and more of us are looking at Forex trading over the internet. It’s easy to see why. Trading volumes are almost 100 times higher than that of the New York Stock Exchange, with a market that while not quite 24/7 but is open 24/5 (open 24 hours a day except at the weekend). This naturally means greater profit opportunities than with trading traditional stocks. The flip side of that is of course the opportunities for losses are also greater. We’ll come to that.

What Is Forex Trading?

Wikipedia (yes I know it’s not the font of all knowledge but we’ll trust it with definitions) states this about Forex:

“The foreign exchange market (forex, FX, or currency market) is a form of exchange
for the global decentralized trading of international currencies.”

So trading foreign currencies is simply the act of buying one currency while selling another. If you live in the United States and take a vacation in Mexico, you exchange your US Dollars for Mexican Pesos. When you take your business trip to Paris, you buy Euros in France, exchanging them for Dollars.

Trading Forex is done through a broker. Let’s say you decide to buy $1,000 worth of Mexican Pesos, at a rate of 12 Pesos to the Dollar. So you now have 12,000 Pesos. If a month later the rate jumps to 15 your 12,000 Pesos are now worth $800 and you’ve lost $200. However if the rate dropped to 10, then your Pesos would be worth $1,200 -¬† a profit of $200. So that’s the general principle of Forex trading. Of course, in real life it’s not that simple, which is where so-called automated robot trading systems come in.

To make these Fap Turbo reviews complete, here is a nice graphic explanation in video format:

Fab Turbo – What Exactly Is It?

The script was created by Steve Carletti, a professional IT programmer. Instead of you having to study charts, learn to read trading signals and in all probability lose a lot of money on the way, this automated system supposedly does all that for you. It is a program designed to run on the industry standard Forex trading platform, Metatrader 4 (available as a free download from most quality brokers). These types of programs (or more accurately scripts) are often called EAs (Expert Adviser).

Simply put, it observes, analyses and predicts activity taking place on the Forex market, looking for “buying” and “selling” signals based on the usual chart patterns. The robot software then automatically buys and sells positions on your behalf, based on your personal criteria. This frees up your time from not only having to do the research and analysis yourself, but also enables you to trade while you are not at your computer. Remember, because Forex is a global market, during the working week¬† there is always some part of the world where currencies are being traded, even while you are asleep.

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What Claims Are Made For Fap Turbo?

Many claims have been made about this software. According to the creators you don’t need a large starting bank (you can start with as little as $100), you don’t need any previous trading knowledge, and “proof” is shown for various accounts showing apparently impressive trading gains ($5,100 to $36,500, $15,000 to $33,000, $5,100 to $159,000). Overall a profit of 10,607% and 99.66% winners are claimed. But can any of these statements be backed up with facts, or are they just hype?

What’s Inside This Program?

The robot script is available as a digital download, rather than a physical set of DVDs, which means no waiting for the mailman to deliver your purchase. Also included is a PDF instruction manual, as well as a series of tutorial videos. These videos cover all topics from how to install Fap Turbo, thru to opening a Forex account with a broker. You are also shown how to set up a “demo” account so that you can test out the system before going “live” with a real trading account.

How Does It Perform In The Real World?

The programmers behind this product claim that it has almost a 100% success rate (99.66%) in back-testing (using the script to analyze the market from historical data in the past and compare that with what actually happened). Being an old cynic I would have to point out that such data would obviously be quite easy to manipulate to present a false picture. For me the real test is how it performs in live trading, because the whole point of such a program is to make profits now.

Here it gets interesting. They claim that while in back testing the robot made a very respectable profit of 48% per month, the live trading figures show double that. As proof they offer up a live trading account verified by respected accountants Midwest Accounting LLC based in Hammond, Indiana. There is also a graphic showing their live trading account which is updated every 15 minutes, so you can check that out yourself by clicking the image below

What Do Real Users Have To Say?

As seasoned Forex traders will know, there are several strategies that can be used to trade currencies. The software seems to work best on doing lots of small, low risk trades. That will appeal to those new to Forex trading who are concerned about risking large amounts of money. From user feedback the robot would appear to be working well for newbies:

“I purchased the FAP Turbo last week and set it up on my already running MetaTrader account. The results are awesome and I could not be any happier. Even with a conservative risk setting of 4%, it still generates close to 300/day.”
- Erik Anderson (testimonial from main site)

“Just wanted to let you know that in the last 36 hours Fapturbo has run 27 trades, 26 of which were winners and one loser.”
- Ross (Fap Turbo user)

as well as more experienced traders:

“I’m writing to let you know that so far I’m very astounded by your EA. I have traded the market since 2003 (6 years) manually and also with robots… I have purchased every course, every EA, every software program… and spent thousands…. I don’t care that I’ve spent thousands because the Forex market is worth it….. I bought your EA the other day and put it to work….. Over 900+ pips in two days..”
- Alan Castro (web site testimonial)

“I’ve been trading for 5 years and even developed several successful forex systems myself with my friend Ronald. Later we decided to open our own testing website called forexealab.com where we test different robots on the market and find the best for our clients. I must say I was really impressed by the fapturbo performance.”
- Antony, Professional Trader

What About The Negatives?


It’s very easy to get carried away with all the positives but in these Fap Turbo reviews we also want to sound a note of caution. Although the product is sold as “set and forget” there is always a learning curve involved with any type of script or software, regardless of any claims to the contrary. If you’re the type of person who hates reading instruction manuals (like me) you’ll have to bite the bullet on this one if you want to get the most out of this. A responsive customer help desk and members’ support forum is available though.

To get the maximum benefit from the system, and to avoid missing trades, you should have your computer switched on 24 hours a day during the business week. That may not be something you want to do. The way round this is to use the recommended VPS (Virtual Private Server) which means the robot will run regardless of whether or not your computer is switched on. This costs around $70 a month, so you may want to wait until you have made your first profits before using this service.

Will This Program Really Help You To Trade Automatically And Profitably?

Profitable Forex trading is not an easy art to learn. Using a robot to automatically select potentially profitable trades, to set the buying and selling points for you without having to do your own analysis, or to let your own emotions decide for you, can be a major advantage. Fap Turbo comes with a 60 Day guarantee and full instructions. For those who are more risk averse, this robot seems to offer a relatively painless path into accessing a true autopilot income.

Set the robot up, trade first with a demo account to familiarize yourself with the system and to avoid risking any money at this stage, then move to a real money account using just the amount of capital that you are comfortable with. This can be as low as $100. Hopefully the Fap Turbo reviews have given you a greater insight into this system, the next step is to click the link below.

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Fap Turbo Download – Is It Worth It?

Fap Turbo Download

This Fap Turbo download article is about the script (or program) that automates Forex (foreign currency) trading for you. Since it was first launched some 5 years ago it has been among the popular Forex automated robots. Forex traders have traditionally used several analysis tools to try to determine when they should enter a trade, and when to exit. As you might imagine, a lot of these are extremely expensive, far beyond the budget of most individuals. Fap Turbo claims to make those decisions for you, you set it up and it will buy and sell for you.

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